Dear guests,

 Welcome to SEEYN Learning House! Our doors are open to everyone who is eager to learn, share knowledge, get inspired, inspire others, who needs empowerment through learning, all the ones who want to empower others, to gain and provide support and during all that feel at home.

SEEYN Learning House is an online platform contains different resources, materials, training tools and methods, ideas and proposals which you are invited to give and use. It has interactive character for direct communication and support, expert advice, sharing, good practice examples and easy cooperation and team work.

It is inhabited by different residents who seek and provide learning and support, and it is used as educational and communication space prior and during the educational activities and as reflection and support space after the activities.

The House is hosted and managed by our housekeepers - the SEEYN Content Manager and SEEYN Training Manager, and it is built by our Technical Support team. The creation and maintenance of SEEYN Learning House is supported by European Union, Erasmus + programme, within the project “Practical Guide Through YOUth Work”.

Join us and become the resident of our online learning home and member of our SEEYN Training family.

Here, there is room for everyone and we are always happy to see you.


Marinela Sumanjski

SEEYN Training Manager